it’s the Kenneth Udut –> Joseph Campbell —> Nietzsche connection.

Seriously? I pulled a NIETZSCHE? ::: quickly flipping through who he influenced to find out who influenced me :::

Ok.. from that philosophy site’s page:

Alfred Adler, Georges Bataille, Martin Buber, Albert Camus, E.M. Cioran, Jacques Derrida, Gilles Deleuze, Isadora Duncan, Michel Foucault, Sigmund Freud, Stefan George, André Gide, Hermann Hesse, Carl Jung, Martin Heidegger, Gustav Mahler, André Malraux, Thomas Mann, H.L. Mencken, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jean-Paul Sartre, Max Scheler, Giovanni Segantini, George Bernard Shaw, Lev Shestov, Georg Simmel, Oswald Spengler, Richard Strauss, Paul Tillich, Ferdinand Tönnies, Mary Wigman, William Butler Yeats and Stefan Zweig.

ok… I was influenced by Adler, Derrida (unknowingly but deconstructivism was always an interest), Jung most definitely – mostly through Joseph Campbell’s Power of Myth, Heidegger resonated disturbingly strongly in me when I learned about him… kinda liked Shaw in high school… and I remember I liked something from Yeats.

Ok. it’s the Kenneth Udut –> Joseph Campbell —> Nietzsche connection.

Ok. I’m ok with that now. _whew_. Got nervous for a minute

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