*its the diagnals, dude!* <

*its the diagnals, dude!*

What is this a picture of?

Doesn’t really matter. What it shows is the fastest way something can get from a collection of one thing to a collection of another thing.

See the diagnal? It’s interesting because the lines themselves aren’t diagonal at all: they’re either up and down, or left and right.

The ”empty space” has the diagonal.

So: What is this?

It is the optimum layout that answers the questions: a) How can I pack the most STUFF in a small space in a *warehouse* _and_ b) make the job of the forklift driver easiest, because it only travels well in STRAIGHT LINES, front to back – and its terrible with making _turns_.

So, least amount of turning, most stuff in a space, and access to _everything_

You can use this layout to set up your room, or your ”stuff”… or you can imagine that this is #minecraft and you are trying to find the best way to find _diamond ore_.


Nobody ever things about the diagonal. They just confuse our simple brains.

But the diagonal contains everything: It contains a _higher dimension_ – do you notice how this reminds you of the classic picture of a 3D box drawn on a piece of paper?

Can you see how this forms a CORNER where three sides meet?

That’s no accident.

None at all.

See if you can wrap your brain around this a little better… the idea of _walking on the borderline_ as a way to see *everything* and have access to everything.

A warehouse and a forklift.

Can be the key to never losing another memory again.

(imagine the aisles are your memories… and the diagonal lines are is the manner in which you _connect_ far away thoughts together? Imaging going from the end of one arrow to the end of the other arrow?

Sure, it doesn’t cut THROUGH anything at all. It takes the long way.

But it’s the shortest ”long way” you can get, without wrecking other aisles with other things in them.

I can draw and connect a lot of things with this picture.

Does it bring anything to mind for you? -Ken

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