It’s still worth voting. The _process_ has to continue and participation is what keeps it going. A farce? yes. But also it’s not.

It’s still worth voting. The _process_ has to continue and participation is what keeps it going.

Here’s worth noting:

a) Your vote for president doesn’t matter. Pick anything. Doesn’t matter. It’s how the system’s set up so use it. Don’t worry.

b) But with EVERYTHING ELSE on the ballot, your vote COUNTS.

c) Even if you don’t understand or care about the issues, consider showing up and voting. Psychologically, it does amazing things, once you’re free of worrying about the presidential race. The popular vote not strictly counting for President/Vice President *actually* is a freedom.

It’s hard to explain why I think it matters. I mean, I don’t always vote. I miss elections sometimes. It doesn’t really bother me if I miss them.

But when I *do* vote, which is most large elections, and get that sticker… and maybe check off one or two items that I think I understanding (the wording is convoluted and is VERY OFTEN put together in such a way that you THINK you’re voting one way but you’re REALLY voting for another)… it just feels… I dunno, it feels like I’ve contributed.

And… when you look at the numbers for all the non-presidential things (again, because the pressure of your vote counting for president will be gone by then… because it doesn’t) – you see that little number on the right.

It’s a 7. It could’ve been a 6.

I know it sounds dumb thinking of it that way but for me it means I’m a part of something greater. A process. A system that’s older than me that will continue long after I’m gone. A _good_ system – not perfect (because “what’s popular” isn’t always what’s right of course) – but a good system. My voting allows it to continue.

Farce? Absolutely. Yet it’s also not.

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