It’s pretty boi culture. All over Instagram, musically,

It’s pretty boi culture. All over Instagram, musically, – all about showing your best face forward for social media fame. Singing, dancing, hoping to get discovered but mostly for adoration of fellow kids/teens. All over the place. Fidget spinners, spongebob, memes hoverboards, Minecraft and makeup. Popular kids stuff. They start dating in 5th grade, want to be stars. It’s rich kids territory mostly.

I have an 11 year old sister and can absolutely confirm pretty boi culture


I follow GenZ culture because I want to understand what my nephew’s talking about 1/2 the time (he still assumes I already know most things although that’ll change soon enough)

Musically for example is preteen/young teen hookup culture. Nephew finds it cringey. Boys wear makeup, lipsync and dance to their crushes, girls wear makeup, lipsync and dance to their crushes.

There’s also Vine / youtube type stuff like comedy and memes, but it’s mostly boy/girl hookup culture (with a smattering of pan gender/ cosplay stuff, mostly older teenage girls).

They also show up on Instagram as well, some with huge followings just by taking selfies and stuff.

Some are building up portfolios for acting/modeling careers too but ultimately, it’s Tiger Beat culture you must remember Tiger Beat type magazines.

It’s rich kids going to rich schools where they can get away with colored hair, makeup and stuff. Regular cities tend to be more blue collar conservative/moderate liberal “fit in”.

I’m just going by the huge houses I’ve seen in them. Ages? That app seems to be 8-25-ish, same range as a lot of non-facebook social media / game consumers.

I’m not saying it’s a majority. I’m saying it’s common out of those online. Most kids STILL aren’t online except as consumers but more now than in the previous generation.

Musically definitely has potential to be dangerous as they have private msging Same with ROBLOX and other services.

And yes it’s “pop culture” which is not everyday life. But it’s more accessible than it was years ago when you needed $$$ to get noticed.

And yes, youtube is a right wing cesspool.


It’s common in the rich part of Naples FL here (which is Trump-land but kids are kids).

I’m in the redneck part and “white power” floats around here ,starting to infect my nephew a bit. For him it’s “ironic” but two of his friends, on 4chan since they were 10/11 are deadly serious.

But a trip to the mall and rich middle school aged kids get away with stuff that the avg income/poorer kids can’t.

That’s makeup / hair / pretty boi stuff though. Trans is often among poorer/average income I think – requires insurance because it’s expensive.


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