Just as we can’t have pure data, neither can we have pure medium.

I like that idea. I always figured we’d end up with a Brazilian look too, although people tend to enjoy forming separatist groups, so I don’t think we’ll lose our distinctions as for as much blending there is, there will always be people who are separatist as well.

But I actually like your vision.



= It’s possible but you’d have to eliminate national pride, traditions, people saving historical languages and resurrecting old ones…. it’s a lot of deconstruction that would be required for your vision to take place.== to reconstruct, destruction is implied though, unless you think people will just accept whatever the dominant cultural force is, and blend in.


Oh it’s not insane – I think the languages of the future will definitely be a continuation of the processes that have been taking place for a very long time already.

Bt Ftr Lng M Luk Lk Ds 4xmpl.


Yeah our first battle is removing the archaic “4 race” system.. thanks to early anthropology. *sigh*. Makes me wonder what our current mistakes are that we can’t see, because they couldn’t see it was a mistake back then.


It sounds interesting. It’s related to the “form v function” argument in architecture imo.

It’s a false dichotomy of course but it continues in architectural schools… a continuation of a misquote of a guy from 100 yrs ago.


I believe there is a combination of message and medium together;

If I receive information via my TV, my newspaper, a friend, the Internet, my own intuition, studying world affairs, astrology, and I end up with the same information…

… did the medium affect my message?

Maybe. Maybe it didn’t. I think the medium influences our INTERPRETATION of the information and our response to it… and there are affordances to different types of information that can be transmitted in different mediums… but I think the two have to work in tandem.

[whether it’s form and function or medium and message]

Just as we can’t have pure data, neither can we have pure medium. Their relationship is complex and intertwined and quite plastic (malleable in nature)


Well, I was implying [about something] in my above statement, which I should’ve been explicit about.

Everybody else is smarter than me [about something].


I learned Spanish in high school. Even though I have trouble understanding spoken spanish (they speak too quickly), I found I could understand a lot of Italian in the process.

Later on, when I made portuguese friends online, even though Portuguese is quite different in VERY many ways, I was able to make out some of it before needing translators.

Similar experience to learning Russian.

I instantly gained Polish and a number of other Slavic languages, as well as Greek… once I nailed down the Greek alphabet as well.


I really suck at language production honestly tongue emoticon I can listen or read and work out what’s happening in a lot of languages (even ones I don’t know much about) but actually producing grammatical sentences? I stink at it.

My nature language I have enough trouble in… outside of writing tongue emoticon

When GOOD translators became available on computers, I was in love. Then when Google started supplementing their “Google Chat” with translation bots about 7-8 years ago, I set up two way translators and was in love… all these people I could talk to now.

And now.. it’s integrated into EVERYTHING. Fucking love it. So Much.


One of my best friends on G+ is a Korean (North or South I don’t know or care) dude who is going to University learning Quantum theory. He latched onto me when I was in my uber-science phase and was talking all quantum this or that.

He doesn’t write a word in English and I don’t write a word in Korean.

But we’ve had some damn deep conversations about complicated things using the built-in translators. The way English comes out in Korean is laughable on his end, and the way Korean comes out in English is laughable on my end…
…I mean it’s REALLY REALLY terrible…

but it’s enough for us to “get by” and have great, lengthy conversations – not just about physics, but also about relationships, family and stuff. Really awesome.


Yup. As long as the ‘gist’ of the message gets across and the people who WANT to communicate are willing to overlook the medium and all of the errors within, communication is productive and effective.


Do it man. Linguistics is fascinating stuff. It never gets tiring. My suggestion is to get a little George Lakoff in with the diet of Chomsky as well. Chomsky is the predominant force in Linguistics. [ok, he’s the ONLY real force in linguistics for like 50 yrs now]…

..but there are other competing philosophies of linguistics, all with their merits and drawbacks.



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