It’s ok to go back and forth between “popular you” and “authentic you”.

Your posts are always unique, interesting and insightful.  I keep up with the posts that show up in my feed, and I always fall behind.  But I like what I see of yours, whether it is your own words, or if it is sharing a link to an interesting article.

If you’re getting that competition feeling, you can switch to “popular Griffin” mode for a few weeks.  You know how to do it.  Then, switch back to being yourself.  I do that sometimes when I’m getting that IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? feeling.

Fastest way is checking out trending hashtags and crossposting to big groups.  Or grab posts from big groups and reshare to your followers.  Or go to other sites, find what’s trending there, and bring it over here. [I do that sometimes]  I go back and forth a lot between “being myself” and “being popular”.  Hard to do both at the same time – probably impossible.  Just look at popular musicians; they have to crank out music that’s a LOT LIKE what they made before.  They can’t be creative once they get popular – they can’t change their style.  Price of wanting to stay popular.  Me? I care and don’t care. I’m long-winded and like to talk about “what I think”, so, I just run with it, and deal with the occasional tl;dr remark.

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