It’s not so much trivia – I don’t do well with facts – but rather trying to gain a new appreciation for something.. make new lateral connections..

I strive for at least one significant eureka every day. More if possible. It takes constant challenging of myself. New projects, new directions. It’s not so much trivia – I don’t do well with facts – but rather trying to gain a new appreciation for something.. make new lateral connections… something where I can see a system more completely than I did before. It’s an awesome feeling when it happens, so I try to get it as much as possible. It’s a drug.


Three and four days ago, I was trying to understand the Youtube and Facebook 360 spherical movies. How do they do it? How can I do it without a 360 degree camera? I did a few experiments, learned as much as I could about different ways images are projected in 3D… figured out a few ways to make them myself. After four experiments, I was satisfied.

I save messy records about everything I study and work on, but they’re disorganized, raw. I _should_ do is do a one line summary after each thing. “Today I learned…” .. maybe put it in a spreadsheet, see if there is a pattern to my curiousity. Hm, maybe that’ll be my next project.


I have the right passion to be a teacher : in fact, one of those career tests that you pay for years ago had “middle school, special ed” as my #1 and they’re right. Special ed is both ‘talented + gifted’ and also people that school isn’t meant for. People outside of the bell curve.

but the school system itself, I don’t think I could handle without screaming.

So, while I don’t do it as a career, I transfer those skills and apply them with my contact with people online. I strive to learn something from everybody I come in contact with, leave a little something positive behind. I enjoy it.


I couldn’t do grades. I just couldn’t. The whole WAY it’s set up, where the carrot on the stick is the grades, is ineffective. It’s amazing we walk away learning anything at all.


Beautiful! Trading/hedging commodities sounds like it’s fun as heck. My experience with trading was short lived but it was a total blast.

I got a temp job at a pharmaceutical company (Schering Plough). I bluffed and said I knew Excel. I didn’t but I knew I could learn anything and it must’ve showed on my face.

It was copy paste. Boring. So, I taught myself to automate it. I asked for more and more of the project. Next thing I know, I’ve built a spaghetti-code system in Excel and VBA that generated thousands of individually customized interactive reports that were being blasted to thousands of sales reps all across the USA and they were turning a profit on it!

But I was getting bored again. . I cut my own hours down to 4. Still got all my work done. Started taking community college. [I never finished college]. They got nervous. Hired me as “Systems Analyst II” after a horse and pony show of getting resumes from people. I asked for the max I knew the title qualified for, and i got it. I wasn’t desperate – I had my eyes set to different horizons but I wasn’t going to turn it down.

Anyway, I made too much money.

So, i saved 53% of my income, and what was left out of that, I started investing in drip. This was back in 1999-2002. Learned everything I could. Discovered contrarian style investing suited me perfectly.

I started investing at the “Dow @ 30,000″ Enron time, and finished my investing period after 9/11 and the dot com crash .

I’d built up my credit enough to build a house in Florida for my mother and brother and his family to live in and got a mortgage.

Lived off the never-ending drip for 12 years as I helped my brother start an animal trapping company. Last of it ran out in 2014 but between that and built-up credit, it was enough to to build and run a small family company, that JUST makes enough to support a mortgage and bills, where I’ve been able to stay at home instead of doing 9-5.

It’s not rich $ wise, and wasn’t in my life plans… but it’s a blast.


We were only able to afford 1.5 yrs of college for me: hampshire college, amherst ma, back in 1990/91. At the time, having a mortgage counted as income, which killed my student loan capabilities. Anyway, was what it was.

I had “Theoretical Physics” as my #1 choice in college when we had to declare it back in 1989 Early in 1990, I’d attended a “Quantum Mechanics for the Myriad” during a pre-college orientation and that cinched it: I knew I wanted Theoretical Physics.

But, when I entered the school in the fall of ’90, the professor was on a year sabbatical. Ugh. So, I picked child psychology courses instead. Favorite course was “Mommies, monsters and superheroes”. Did other things like programming and such but i was mostly hanging out in the computer lab on this thing called “The Internet” and was hooked on it.

Still hooked on it 26 years later. I had a taste of it the year before with BBS’ and PC-Link (precursor to AOL) but between the Internet, Bitnet and Usenet, I could talk to people worldwide with NO barriers. it was beautiful.

Still is.



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