It’s not punching down. It’s “Hey, you’re smart. Why you acting stupid?”

It’s not punching down. It’s “Hey, you’re smart. Why you acting stupid?”

You guys aren’t stupid. But I see a lot of stupid out there. It’s probably because of the crowds I hang around online, which tend to be the atheist/agnostic/New Age. variety, it’s amplified. I don’t see religious people generally arguing about religion online, PROBABLY because the religious people I know online aren’t argumentative about religion.

I see smart people posting dumb memes. I see meangirl behavior among grown adults. I shake my head and then I say something.

Maybe it’ll offend somebody. But should I stay quiet because I might offend my friends for saying they’re being stupid right now?


Am I offended when someone points out when I’m being stupid? No. Because then I learn something about myself and try to get better.


Exactly. But I do see a lot of illogical argumentative atheist memes that are cringeworthy and some people actually believe without fact checking.

All wrong memes make me cringe as does all misrepresentations of people.


I side against whoever is the majority vocal in the group I’m in. I’m an asshole, James.

If I’m in a group of Fundamentalist Christians, I’ll be the asshole of that group too.

If too many people AGREE with me, I become an asshole to myself and take the opposite position.

As it stands, the majority population I know here is vocal anti-religion generally. So I’m the annoying pipsqueak.


Once I was in a group praising Carl Sagan. Now Carl Sagan is one of my idols, one of my heroes. I saw too much agreement, even though it was all agreeing with me!

So, in that same group, I found out some drawbacks of Sagan. Knocked my own idol down a few pegs. I had to. I don’t know why. I had to.


When I was in the Eastern Orthodox in my mid-late 20s, I’d point out parallels to the effects of noetic prayer and psychological (secular) connections.

Some were offended but most were reasonable people who were agreeable to it.

But there were a few, likely convertitis, who thought I was tearing their whole system apart they built up in their heads that was really only loosely related to the system they were in.

And they argued with me. Hated everything I said after that.

But a strong system isn’t shaken by contradiction and self-questioning. It’s scientific. Testing. Poke it and see if it holds. If a joint starts squeaking when you test its viability, you give it oil, or you take it apart and fix it.


Oh gosh no. Thank you but I have enough friends for now tongue emoticon I get online looking for friends not arguments. I don’t look for agreement either, just tossing opinions back and forth.




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