It’s not always easy to catch the misdirections, when someone tries to imply something like, “Well, but when does it end [if we start with your stance we’ll end up in [some horrible place]]”

Yeah. I mean I don’t know what percentage I agree or disagree with as I’m still sorting it all out to understand my stance better, but what impressed me was her style of delivery, clearly having done her homework in the best way possible to be persuasive, and most of all, I was impressed at how she navigated the reporter by pulling him away from his overgeneralizations and back to the issues at hand.

“So you’re saying that all…” and she interrupts at precisely the right moment.

and when he tries to ask “where do we draw the line?” she makes it clear that she’s TELLING him that this is where you draw the line.

I’ll see if I can find the whole thing to compare and see what I’ve missed, but her handling of these things alone convinced me she’s in her element and knows her stuff.

It’s not always easy to catch the misdirections, when someone tries to imply something like, “Well, but when does it end [if we start with your stance we’ll end up in [some horrible place]]” and keep the conversation focused. I do this online a lot and it takes a keen eye but I don’t think I could do it in person the way she did, about any issue.


I’m not anti-capitalism – as much as I want to believe fully socialist ideals, I can’t. At the same time, between the extremes of fully free market capitalism and full blown socialism, it’s possible to strike a balance. We’re already working in some measure at attempting to balance these two extremes but it’s certainly possible to shift the knobs around a bit, assess priorities and establish future goals that will rise the entire nation up over the long term.

I mean, we’re already in a strange marriage between free market capitalism and socialism. To me, she’s asking to move a few of the knobs around.


It sounds more like she wants to shift the existing budget, moving some of the war spending over to the education slot.

Accounting priorities.

Take some from the war budget and put it into education.

He tried to shift it into a taxation debate, but she moved it back to the war budget. I thought she did well and also, he was one of the better interviewers I’ve seen from Fox. I think it was a well done interview.


Considering that the USA was founded upon capitalism with capitalism embedded in its very systems and processes, it’s unlikely that will ever go away. It *is* possible though, that the few social programs that exist, could go away. They’re always first in line for budget cuts.

I understand the need for occasional war and certainly the need for defense.

But when you consider, “Put America First”, this is one thing that both Trump and Sanders campaigns had in common : One focused on border patrol, the other focused on improving infrastructure, which includes the people within.


Capitalism came before Marx though, afaik. I think the distinction is within what God given rights means. Liberties. Does liberties include economic liberties? If so, what about fairness? Is fairness a liberty? I don’t have the answers for these questions though.



My <3 is 100% with you on this one Jack. One of the reasons I’m *so grateful* for the rise of the internet among the general population has been it’s power to be an equalizer in education. Of course there’s just as much crap as good stuff – ok, there’s more crap than good stuff – but you know what? People are just going to have to sort it out for themselves.

And, oddly enough, they do. Some for worse, some for better.


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