It’s nice to be remembered and never to be forgotten..

This was meant for you all. The story almost doesn’t matter. It’s how people are connected that is absolutely amazing to me.
KENNETH UDUT originally shared:
#minecraft my server has been up for a year now. O_O 7/22/12 I never stopped and thought about it ’til +NEMATINI Sau was sad because his favorite server is shutting down and my friend +Matt Cowan (who for a second I thought was really +Matthew Cowley who I was suprised about because I didn’t expect that, then I realized it wasn’t him)…..

and I responded that I hope he finds a place to call home in MC, how the feelings are not based on pixels but they’re REAL and valid and that while I might not be the right server for him, I’ll never shut down because we’ve been up for…..

and then I looked it up.

And saw today’s date.

and I was mind=blown

A year. I thought it was just a few months! xD (ken ignorelist com / skai pwnz org)

I like knowing that even people who no longer play minecraft at all anymore (usually to black ops, or assassins creed or back to Halo 3 or to Gary’s Mod or start learning hacking, or make youtube comedy) will come back to the server sometimes – even after 7 months – and say “hi”.

It’s nice to be remembered and never to be forgotten..

I hope I succeed in helping you see that that’s how I am. I may not always remember, but I’ll never forget.

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