It’s like something out of a made-for-TV movie but yeah; even in teaching Critical Thinking skills, which *is* a very important thing to go through, because of separation of church and state, you don’t cross over this line. You shouldn’t, not in public schools. You may agree or disagree but there’s a good reason for that line. Secularism (which is a part of the US heritage) is not equivalent to atheism. “Wooley says her seventh grade reading teacher at West Memorial Junior High School said both her answers were wrong and that she had to admit God wasn’t real.” Now, if you believe that “there should be more of this in schools”, then you are arguing for the separation of church and state to be removed. You can’t hide behind Critical Thinking skills teachings. It’s an infringement. Discuss at will if you believe I’m wrong.

Student says teacher taught ‘God is not real’ via

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