It’s hard not to think in terms of 1000 year old University style cateogrizations of knowledge. Schools of thought.

Ah, you mean categories in general. That’s a fascinating subject in itself.

I don’t think we need Universities at all, but its way of categorizing human knowledge into silos has had a tremendous influence on the development of our languages and ALSO on our way of seeing and describing the world.

It’s so hard to conceive of NOT speaking “in Economic terms” “In political terms”, etc because it’s how we were raised. I can’t avoid it myself but considering it’s commonly understood, it makes it easy to use. That is, until it his walls. (metaphorical walls).

Child-rearing… well, there are many systems of child-rearing.

First, there is the thing itself. Humans raise tiny humans or else they die.

Then there is “schools of thought” on how to raise children. Notice: schools of thought. There’s a reason why that’s an expression in English. [connection to University-think].

See how hard it is to avoid?

So, my answer is: it’s hard not to think in these terms.

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