It’s going to take time and some states will PROBABLY keep it.

I know they are, Ellis. My 6th grade nephew is STILL suffering through it.

But it’s being slowly phased out starting this year with more states following now that the national mandate is signed away.

It’s going to take time and some states will PROBABLY keep it.


States HAD TO comply to get fed funding. Once the Bush fed-funding thing was cut off, there was far less incentive to continue using a program that was poorly implemented and partially based upon one of the most DUBIOUS recent fads in education reform “grit”. That’s going to take a while to go away.


His signature’s on the form. It was a failed program from the start, some stupid Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation push to get their shit into schools instead of Apple’s shit…. which they kinda succeeded in. Apple, once the darling of schools, got almost entirely shoved out. Billy wins.


Common Core was just a part of No Child Left Behind. The same Republicans who signed in NCLB ALSO supported Common Core at first because it’s part of the same exact program. They all supported the global education competition mandate of Bush.

It’s because parents had a shit fit, and rightly so that they appealed to their respective representatives.

A smart politician knows when to turn an about face, like the Republicans did (as well as many democrats), and turn a darling bi-partisan program into the whore of babylon in order to gain popular support again.

Unfortunately, along with it, they started pushing school vouchers again, which on the surface *is* a great idea. I’m fine with school vouchers… BUT… some of the shit fly-by-nights that pop up without proper oversight gotta go.


Common Core’s dead, dude. It’s back in the state’s hands again.


That’d just be political suicide. She’s done her share of criminal political acts, but that level of political suicide would be something a neophyte would do.


System’s more powerful than anybody sitting in the executive’s chair, unless the sitter’s gonna try to executive-order everything.

Thing about executive orders, people gotta carry them out. The same slow, sluggish government we’ve always known and loved ain’t going away for anybody.

How many candidates through the centuries claim they’re gonna “clean house?” and make an efficient government? Nearly ALL of them. Common political BS.

None of them do or can. But, hey, if you’re a true believer, go for it.


Common misconception:
“If the executive / congress / judicial branches are the same party, bills and legislation just FLY through quickly without any pushback”.

Reality: Every one of the players have their agendas that are distinct from whether they have a D or an R on their labels.

Reality: Systems designed to be slow and inefficient. A bloated government is a slow government is a stable government.

That’s how we’re designed.


“Wake up” is one of the most overused tired phrases. As a meme, it’s time should’ve left years ago.

Most things never make it to the Supreme Court. You want something to worry about? Worry about your local and state governments. That shit affects you directly far more than most things coming out of the Fed Supreme Court.


Same with a conservative sitting there.

Let’s say you get an “Law and Order” conservative judge.

A law and order conservative judge that favors law enforcement for civil order may easily decide to heavily restrict freedom of association and free speech in the name of civil order.


Although I have a more leftist slant, I’d be fine with the constitution party.


I’m 44. I haven’t seen much discernible difference between Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama.

They each wiggle slightly to the right and left of center, but I haven’t seen much difference at all.

I also don’t see much difference with Trump or Clinton.

They’re all war friendly, “let’s federal mandate this shit”.

I’d like to see more states rights. How I see things is: We have 50 states. 50 little countries under a common banner.

We also have freedom of movement (for most).

Let’s say I was pro-gun control. Ok, then I can move to a state with an interpretation of the 2nd amendment that favors my view.

Let’s say I was anti gun control. Ok, then I can move to a state with an interpretation of the 2nd amendment that favors my view.

So, yeah, I’m big on states rights. *Some things* should be federal: I wouldn’t want a skeleton crew running the show on a fed level: some aspects of infrastructure and “common good” (mostly human rights things) stretch nationally and internationally even.

But there’s an awful lot of things that can and should be handed just fine on a state level.


I’m not *too* crazy about the obsessiveness of the right libertarians with privatizing everything. [private prisons –> railroading folks in for profit. Human rights problem there. For me, you gotta keep the human rights shit in view. I mean, basic human rights *isn’t* that difficult to keep in the various systems].

But a lot of libertarian stuff is fine. I suspect I’d be similar with the constitution party.

But, tbh, I just want to see a 3rd party showing. ANY 3rd party at this point. Hate the fake two party shit. I’ve heard all sorts of proofs as to why “it’s the only way it’ll ever go in the USA”, but I still think it’s possible.


My problem with Trump is his lack of connections within politics. Campaigning is one thing. They all promise great shit. Once behind the desk though? Different situation there. You gotta know people to make things happen. Scott Baio ain’t much help, so I really hope he’s got some real good connections, otherwise stuff is just gonna get stalled ’til his time is up.


I haven’t decided yet myself. For me it’s unlikely to be Trump, although he still has a month or so to do some key things that *might* make me consider him. Not thrilled about Clinton either, although she’s got the connections, so being on her side could have perks.

I dunno. I’m in Florida, which is one of the key states. I still may go 3rd party – I usually do athough sometimes I vote D or R.

But I rarely decide completely ’til I pull the curtain behind me. Gives me max time to gather enough information.


Stick that on a billboard and tell everybody Ellis ’cause THAT’S the 100% absolute best attitude for this or any election.

I encourage people to vote wherever I’m at. You know what annoys the hell out of me? People who say “voting doesn’t count so why bother?’ – EVEN when it’s an issue that matters to them and their vote most DEFINITELY provably counts.

For example: pot legalization. Now, I don’t care about that either way. I don’t smoke it. Ppl want it legal? Illegal? Whatever, don’t really care.

But i have family and friends that are heavy smokers. They also don’t vote.

A couple of years back, it came up for a vote – the Medical marijuana.

I was like, “LOOK IT’S YOUR CHANCE NOW! VOTE! Come on already!”

I think I convinced ONE person to get out and vote out of dozens. I think I suck at it.

They wouldn’t budge. It wasn’t the pot – they’d have been like that anyway. I honestly don’t KNOW why people don’t just take 20 minutes out of their lives to fill in a few circles, especially if it helps something they complain about all of the time.

Still, I have better luck with ppl online. I can get them to listen and think about voting, so I keep at it.


You too. I mean, I *know* the process is corrupt much of the time. So what? It *still* functions and sometimes, functions quite marvelously.

My brother, who is a proud non-voter, at least carries it through:

He doesn’t complain about politics. EVER. His attitude, “Since I don’t vote, I have no right to complain”. And he doesn’t talk politics or complain about politics. So, I can respect that at least.



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