It’s going to be VERY HARD without a consistent menu.

It’s going to be VERY HARD without a consistent menu.
I’ve known people with restaurants who had constantly-changing menus and people like consistency. They usually fold in a few years if they don’t settle on some standards.

But… I REALLY wish them luck. I think it’s a marvelous idea – and because *I* like surprises, I’d go there if one shows up in Naples, FL.
But many people want consistency. I think they’ll do fine. I’m just saying that it can be hard to run a business that offers constant change and unexpected items.

The clientelle will be limited to people who enjoy variety, creativity and a good deal. Mind you, that’s a LOT of people. That’s why I think they’ll do better than restaurants that offer changing menus.

I’m sure you can see how restaurants menus and a supermarket options are functionally similar? The only difference is who is cooking and the diverseness of items being purchased.

Restaurant you order a few things.
Supermarket you “order” (pick) a variety of things.

But food’s food. smile emoticon



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