It’s fun. You bring everything you think you’ll need and then when you get there, you find out you forgot some things . So, you manage without them. For some reason, this is fun, and it is.

Yes. We get black bears here on a regular basis. They’re mostly harmless to humans. No known human deaths from the bears here, although some pets have been killed.

In other parts of the USA, grizzly bears or “brown bears” are very dangerous to humans and have killed people.


It’s fun. You bring everything you think you’ll need and then when you get there, you find out you forgot some things . So, you manage without them. For some reason, this is fun, and it is.


But we had a to build a shelter once out of sticks and leaves for boy scouts once. It didn’t work very well and we all got wet. But at least we went through the experience. It was enough to convince me to bring plastic bags.


Yeah, it’s the same process, different methods. As long as you understand how it works you can accomplish it a lot of different ways.

I think everybody should get some basic survival training. Even if you never need it in your life, it’s good to know.


I’m very patient. I was a quick learner but I always wanted to do things my way and they’d waste their time trying to force me to do it THEIR way.

After a while, I’d do it their way just to shut them up but it felt like a waste of time. Yet, sometimes they were right and I was wrong but not much


Adults often GREATLY underestimate the intelligence of kids. Maybe because they’re small? I dunno. But sometimes adults overestimate too, expecting the kids to pick things up based on knowledge the kids don’t have yet.

I put more of the fault on the teachers simply because they know more about the whole process of teaching and should know to expect these things ahead of time. But students get some responsibility too, just not as much.


Helping Draven with Algebra for example. He missed the first few classes due to panic attacks. I had to explain why flipping the fraction worked.

First, I showed him how to do it and showed him how he could do “step one” to all of the questions in a row. Then step two, speeding up his homework.

I thought he understood why. Then I realized he was just following instructions that I gave him.

So I asked, “Do you know why flipping the fraction and multiplying together works?”

He replies, “Yes…. um… ok, no.”

and then I walked him through until the lightbulb went on over his head and he understood.

I love that moment. I love it in myself and I love seeing it in other people.


Algebra is good to know if you’ll be doing a lot of regular math in your life.

But I think most people need economic math better. How does credit work? How do you balance your bank account? What are credits? What are debits? What is an asset? What is a liability? How do stock investments work? What is a mortgage?

Stuff like that.


I don’t know the laws about opening marijuana stores but you don’t have to be a citizen to own a business or open a store. America makes it VERY easy for anybody to start a business. That’s one of the things that convinces people to come to America.


I did some quick research. As a non-citizen it can be expensive to start a business. You’re allowed to start an LLC (Limited Liability) or a Corporation by getting special Visas but you have to invest a certain amount of money in the business.

The easiest business to start as a US citizen is a Sole Proprietorship.

In that case, you take the social security number you get from the US government and they assign you ANOTHER number for the business.

This helps you keep a little bit of privacy but it doesn’t legally protect you.

You use the EIN (Employee Identification Number) or TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number) instead of your social security number when doing business.

From the IRS’s point of view, the EIN, the TIN or the Social Security number mean the same thing. You pay your taxes every year if you have no employees (or if you have subcontractors that you give 1099 forms to — they pay their own taxes separately), or you pay taxes every three months if you have employees (don’t get employees if you don’t have to. The paperwork is harder and you end up paying more. But sometimes you have to have employees in which case, you just do it I did it once for a few years but I prefer having subcontractors).

You’re right: dual citizenship is the trick. I think with that you’ll be able to accomplish anything a US citizen can.


Another option is to let an American start the business for you. You can do all of the work but it’s under their name and social security number.

That could work if you’re good friends but you’ll have to make sure you stay friends.


I knew a Pakistani man who ran a small store in my town in New Jersey. Great guy, really nice.

He had a business partner who was never there. He liked to sleep around with girls, spend his part of the money wildly and was trouble.

One day, his business partner took 1/2 of the business and went back to Pakistan, leaving my friend here.

I felt bad because my friend was REALLY CLOSE becoming a full citizen but for some reason, not having that money now set him back YEARS in progress, keeping him stuck at the store for many years longer.



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