It’s easy when it ‘clicks’, but explaining it quickly? Not so easy.

Well, I’m not Christian at this point in my life but I’ve noticed through the years that many current atheists were raised in homes that were as intense about the version of Christianity as they are now in their anti-theism.

In short, the direction changed, but the intensity remained.

I never had that intensity.

In theory, some basic Trinity knowledge should at least be present through upbringing. That’s an assumption on my part of course and even if not, _some_ understanding of it is easy enough to obtain simply LIVING in a Western society, just as it’s easy to obtain a basic level of understanding about Zen Buddhism in the form expressed in the West.

Cultural knowledge.

But you are correct; it _is_ a hard thing to understand, just as QM is a hard thing to understand. In both cases, somebody else did the heavy-thinking and we just have to accept it and accept trusted authorities, unless we manage to understand it, in which case we don’t need the authorities for support as much anymore because we ‘got it’.

Someone else made the math formulas. We just accept them. etc. Now, I don’t read the math, but I understand the process of QM. Explaining it? Well, it’d take a lot of drawing and I can’t draw well and words are equally hard to describe it with. It’s easy when it ‘clicks’, but explaining it quickly? Not so easy.

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