It’s all slippery.

being responsible is important, I agree. But people currently in powerful government positions already have bills drafted in their states to restrict and eventually remove contraception.
They start with RU-486, the “day after” pill and then work down from there.
They’ll add laws requiring parental consent to purchase birth control products and/or ban their usage for minors.
It’s all slippery.
and xxxx  is right about sex-ex: I’m in Florida.
my nep when he was in 8t h gra de (he gra ds ted high scho ol last year) – was looking forward to sex ed because of the funny haha jokes.
All year he waited.
On the VERY LAST DAY OF SCH OOL, in the morning, with early 12pm dismissal, THAT’S when they did the required sex-ed class.
They used a modified Christian sex-ed book that talked about the dangers of STDs and pregnancy.
They _did_ have a line that said “sex is great! (but only within the bounds of marriage)”
Zero about contraception or anything. Useless for 8th gra  ders.
It was raining the day he showed me the book, about a week after graduation.
He shared some ridiculous things from the book with me like the marriage thing, I got a look through it.
Then he took it, threw it outside into a muddy puddle and in the trash next garbage day.
He was disappointed.
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