it’s about time already – we have the imagination but it takes a while for us to get the skills and tools.

Great share here.  It also shows something I suspected about the group of people around these posts like +Brandon LaDuke +Kyle Haycraft +Erik Boesen and many others (if you’re reading this right now, I mean you :P ) –  we see new technology like this the same way:

“It’s about time, already.”

If they get teleportation worked out in my lifetime, I’ll be like, “Oh good, there it is.” while many other people will be getting excited and worked up over it.  Of course I’ll be excited; I’m excited that graphic translation is finally coming.  But it’s more of a relief ’cause.. .well, I’ve been waiting for people to figure out how to do what already seems obvious.  We just didn’t have the skills + tools to do it, but it’s been in our imaginations for a long time already.

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