It’s a very technically specific deification process.

I was raised Methodist and I had a certain idea about what they meant that wasn’t quite what they were saying, but something a little “behind what they were saying”.

Went religion hopping for a bit, dipping my toe around. Even read the Catechism of the Catholic Church. I liked their Q&A format but it was too pat & dry for me and some of their answers were illogical to me.

Then stumbled upon Eastern Orthodox in the yellow pages. Tried it. Liked it. One of the concepts that I really liked was this:

It’s a very technically specific deification process.

Anyway, I stopped being involved by the time I was 30. I’m 44 now. No hard feelings against them: I wanted to understand the depths of the tradition I came from before striking out in other directions.

But there’s some concepts that I never heard much growing up except by some weirdos on TV that were thumbing their bibles on podiums… and they’d use words like “grace” and had a strange way of using the word “Family” that was almost magical sounding.. and creepy as heck.

So, Grace was one of these words that just doesn’t make sense to me. Never did.

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