It’s a tough issue. Can you decide for others? i don’t know. I’m just glad I’m not in a position to decide for others.

Not my body. Can’t say either way.
Paid for one once for someone else. Back when I was into the Eastern Orthodox Church. Felt like blood money. Even though I’m agnostic now, it would _still_ feel like blood money.

But, I didn’t hesitate for even a moment. Not even a split second.

Why? They’re friends. It was a regretful necessity. Their options were limited and I was in a position to get them out of their situation. He could have lied to me too but he didn’t. There was no joy in it just a “shit life threw us a curveball and we can’t hit it alone”. They ended up having a few beautiful children, and they’re already grandparents.

I never brought it up. They never brought it up. I talked it over later on with my priest and his wife (they were good people) who found my rationalization agreeable. Regretful necessity. Mournful decision. But, I believed at the time, child goes to God so all is well from the baby’s perspective, and having a conscience is ultimately what’s important even moreso than the actions you take, although actions are also important.

When I say blood money It’s not guilt mind you. it’s more like “just one of those yucky realities of life” and one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. I doubt many people take the decision lightly and if any do, only a few.

Even today, had I a uterus and was pregnant I would try to carry. I believe life deserves a chance. But if I couldn’t and abortion was a regretful necessity, then that’s what it would be and I wouldn’t hesitate once I was sure.

It’s a tough issue. Can you decide for others? i don’t know. I’m just glad I’m not in a position to decide for others.

If I was, perhaps I’d pour money into novel scientific/engineering/technological methods of carrying a baby to term. perhaps I’d try to fix the foster care system and set up better care for the unwanteds.

But I don’t know. If it’s an impossible task, then I’d likely keep things more or less how they are. Even if I could change things, I would keep things the way they are until I could prove a better alternative and even THEN I’d better get a majority buy-in and have plenty of exceptions available.

In a sense, the pro-lifers are right. We’re killing people.

But do we have alternatives?

No, we don’t, not without a systematic cultural overhaul and I don’t see that happening. Also, I wouldn’t want a systematic cultural overhaul.

Also, for that and for the reason that I don’t have a uterus, I should not be in a position to decide for others. This makes me pro-choice.

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