It’s a thing that goes beyond the thing into a realm that only those who understand, understand.

Since days of old, prayer without ceasing has been a theme of the mystical elements of world religions, especially its monastic parts.

Sans religious context, nothing has changed. Substitute awareness, still works. It’s a thing that goes beyond the thing into a realm that only those who understand, understand.

It’s available to everybody – and really isn’t that difficult to get a taste of. Everybody’s had a taste of it at some point – at least I hope so – but like piano, it takes practice. But perfection is of a different sort. It’s more a relieving than a precising… a widening rather than a honing in.

Yet it goes both directions and neither. It’s a realm that words are really awful at conveying.

I blame Plato but really, he didn’t know.


Well said. I find the most powerful tool to comprehend in this regard (language) is metaphor.

I can find little else that’s “atomic” in the same way that a note might be for music. (or rather, I’d say that it is the gaps between notes that is atomic … and even then, the gaps between wave peaks and troughs but this is the point I wish I could draw animations rather than use words).

Metaphors are for sensemaking and the more metaphors you can notice, the more understanding comes your way.

You can take a single word within a context, find a physical metaphor that it comes from and just there, you get a deeper meaning.

Or if you know some of the etymology of your own language (in my case English), you can go even deeper.

It creates a fascinating structure like marionettes hanging down from cascading surrounding fibrous structures that connect them all together as meaning is negotiated culturally, historically, socially, internally – all to get past a very strange issue humanity suffers from:

Private minds.

How do you know what I’m thinking? How do you know what I’m feeling?

How can you convey what you’re thinking? How do you convey what you’re feeling?

What about those things beyond thinking and feeling?

SO much human trouble over something that should be so simple.



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