It’s a socially sanctioned mental disorder. [men’s body building].

I noticed it in myself. I think you can learn a lot about yourself by analyzing your childhood heroes. For me (until doctor who at age 8) it was the Hulk. I had forgotten ’til I saw an old picture, and realized that being the fastest runner in school just wasn’t enough. I was inadequate and ended up pursuing a course of upper body bulking up, first through Charles Atlas by mail courses and later body building.

I never crossed the line into life-long obsession, but I could have and if you’ve known any gym-rats, there’s often something not quite right with them.


Anyway, after this analysis a few years back, I gained a deeper understanding of body dysmorphic disorder and how ingrained some of it is in our culture. I’m not suggesting banning super-heroes, just noticing the potentially unseen negative aspects of social expectations on people.ken-hulk-skinny-arms-strong-legs



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