It would be a shame if PBS vanished

It would be a shame if PBS vanished – I am a big fan of PBS, as with NPR
(National Public Radio – odd for most 23 year olds, but that’s just me)

Right now, this house has cable.  There are many times that it doesn’t.

When I was a little boy, I lived on Seasame Street, Electric Company,
Mr. Rogers Neighborhood and the other programs aired for children.
We’re a poor family.  We didn’t have cable then, and we’re lucky to
have cable now.

My mother swears that my reading skills in Kindergarten are partially
influenced by my devotion to these shows.  I never watched “Josie and
the Pussycats” or any other of those cartoons.  She watched me as
I sang along to the songs they sang on Seaseme Street, and apparently
I always had a slew of questions for her after an afternoon of watching
these shows.  [I was quite an embarassment to her at church when I was
little – I would ask the pastor questions that the congregation thought
were “cute”, but horrified my mother :->

Oh well.  I’m a fan of PBS.  Of course, I’m also a fan of the
Catholic channel, and there haven’t been Catholics in my family for
many generations.

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