It will raise future cynics who are even _more_ cynical than I.

Yes. I mean it can be a good cause but the choice of presentation can spoil it for me. I think what bothered me is that it was “over the top” so dramatically and here’s the thing about raising the bar:

It will raise future cynics who are even _more_ cynical than I. Maybe this isn’t a bad thing, I don’t know. But exposure to heavy-handed emotional manipulation causes one to grow dull to it after a while, and if you are young and growing up with it, it could make you downright heartless.

I like having an emotional side – it’s great with movies, empathizing with others, feeling their pain and joy, living vicariously through the triumphs and sorrows of others.

But to guard the heart, I have to be wary of exploitation attempts.

But if not careful, a guarded heart can become unreachable. “Oh look, another starving child” – ‘click’ “Oh look, my friend’s kids haven’t eaten in days, they’re looking like those starving kids from that TV ad. Hah, poor kids – glad I’m not them” – walks away.

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