It wasn’t the analysis I expected; it treated it like surveying for popularity lol – but i like it. Now to ask it what I wanted. ChatGPT4

It wasn’t the analysis I expected; it treated it like surveying for popularity lol – but i like it. Now to ask it what I wanted. ChatGPT4

Based on the provided table, we can observe the following patterns:

1. The majority of the topics are consistently popular across all years (2015, 2021, and 2023). These topics generally belong to traditional disciplines, such as Philosophy, Time, Religion, Social sciences, Education, Mathematics, Astronomy, Physics, Life sciences, and Arts.

2. Some topics experienced a surge in popularity during 2021 and 2023, indicating an increased focus on technology and psychology-related subjects. These include computer algorithms, artificial intelligence, epistemology, philosophy of mind, cognitive psychology, attention, developmental psychology, personal development, meditation, logic, ethics, social welfare, and cognitive and neurological processes.

3. The topics that gained prominence between 2015 and 2023 include knowledge, political science, economics, chemistry, and music. This suggests a renewed interest in these areas during this period.

4. The table also highlights a few topics that were popular in 2015 and 2021, including data processing, computer science, library & information sciences, psychology, sociology, anthropology, social interaction, culture, institutions, customs, linguistics, natural sciences, mathematics, algebra, topology, geometry, classical mechanics, fluid mechanics, biochemistry, plants (botany), technology, medicine, health, engineering, sports, games, entertainment, geography, and travel.

5. Finally, there are topics unique to the years 2021 and 2023, which indicate recent developments, interests, or advancements in those fields. Examples include research, computer graphics, Eastern philosophy, space, transpersonal psychology, learning and memory, attention and perception, motivation, environmental psychology, stress management, communication, social interaction, history and philosophy of science, perception, mental health, film and video, indoor and outdoor games, amusements, rhetoric, and creative writing.

In summary, the table shows that traditional disciplines have remained consistently popular across the years, while technology and psychology-related subjects gained prominence during 2021 and 2023. Some subjects experienced renewed interest between 2015 and 2023, and there are unique topics for each year, reflecting recent developments or advancements in those fields.

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