It was on Fox. Remember? It was on Fox. FOX. Fox. Fox = Doomed in the 90s.

I was excited then disappointed with the movie at the time.

It was on Fox. Remember? It was on Fox. FOX. Fox. Fox = Doomed in the 90s.

I was willing to accept it after 7 years of Quantum Leap, Time Cop and the occasional star trek TNG timey episode.

But the theme had the wrong cadence and was trying too hard to make EVERY note stand out. A little faster would have been fine or with at least a bit more play to the notes.

I was willing to accept it though. I was willing to accept the “GRITTY 90S GRUNGEY DIRTY” feel to it if that’s all I was gonna get.

I wasn’t gonna do the books. I wasn’t going to do audio novels. For me, it was TV or nothing. [or movies but when do they ever do that besides twice?]

I liked the visuals. Visuals in the 8th intro were good. I liked the visuals. They’d almost hold up to today. Much better than cheezy overly 80s what little Doctor Who stuff was coming on.

But the music? It was high quality high school band level. Everybody playing equally loud at a fixed cadence as if they’d never seen the show and had no feel for it.


In short:
…and made in America.. “uh oh… but.. ok? ok they have money so yay.”
…and it’s on Fox. ….



Fan since 8 yrs old. 45 now. Never liked when he was referred to as “Doctor Who” or when it was shortened to Dr. Who was even worse.

That’s why I only read a few of the books. “Doctor Who and the [xxxx]”. No.

But I was 12 when I had my biggest shit fit… in 1984. I still cringe a little when I hear Doctor Who as his name but I can accept it as valid.

That said, it *may* take those of you who are upset when they hear the Doctor referred to as “Doctor Who” several decades to learn tolerance for “Doctor Who” as one of his canonical names.

Just think: Whoever (whomever?) plays him in (45-8 = 37? fuck) years is probably in grade school right now.





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