it was OMG WOW I CAN SEE THE PORES IN THEIR FACES and now I hardly notice it.

We’re almost there and we might have even reached it with the video displays (if not the memory).  The only way we’ll know for sure is when they have resolutions that go beyond what we think of is human vision capabilities and compare.

I’ll give an example: Two days ago, my mother is watching TV.  She’s got a nice, standard HD TV.  When she first got it, it was OMG WOW I CAN SEE THE PORES IN THEIR FACES and now I hardly notice it.

But then a show started playing that was from 1999.  16 years ago.  Filed in SD.

It was BLURRY to our eyes.  Nearly unwatchable.  We had gotten accustomed to the higher resolution.

So it’s still possible it’ll happen again ’cause our bodies may have some surprises yet in store for us in how human vision works, so I look forward to the successors of the HD formats and denser and denser pixels.

My iPhone 4s was Retina yet after a while I could see the grating.  My 5s is marvelous but I can see the grating now too.  I see the grating on my mom’s TV.  I don’t want to – I ignore it more of the time but I can see it, after I got over the WOW OMG phase.  So I think there’s a little further to go.

[mind you – I have crap vision – my glasses could never get me closer than 20/40 (or 40/20?) and without glasses, my good eye is like 180/20 and my bad eye is entirely uncorrectable.  So here’s somebody with bad vision saying this :P

But I agree about storage.  We need more storage until it’s as free as air.  We also need more memory; video memory that can handle 3D virtual worlds all in one shot and let us move around in it without ever stalling to load a new set of chunks., and math co-processors fast enough to render the vectors long before things ever come ‘on screen’.

But we’ll get there.  I’ve seen amazing things so far, and I look forward to more amazing things to come in all areas of computer abilities.

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