It was fun to go. My sister was in in the pit crew there.

My mom had a friend in the late 80s/early 90s who was into “microstock” racing in New Jersey. He ran a team and his son was the driver. These were basically go-carts, a step below the little ones that sound like bees buzzing. Very tiny cars.

It was fun to go. My sister was in in the pit crew there.

Flash forward to mid 00s, a year watching NASCAR with my bro on TV was fun. I got to know everybody and of course the accidents were amazing but I never wanted to see anyone get hurt. (I’m weird like that). But I could get into it again if I had to. I like that it’s individual vs individual. Team sports never ‘got me’, although I suppose I could do basketball or hockey if I had to.


good example of a microstock car. For size, look in the background at the people standing. You’re RIGHT on the ground, just about laying down. I like that the entry level for teams was inexpensive. If you wanted in, you just have to be willing to put together a little go cart and modify it, maybe be handy with a little welding and get yourself a thing to carry it with. Then the club fees and race entrance. It’s the kind of thing anybody could get involved with who has a 9-5 job and a passion.

It’s less hero worship and more passion.



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