It was actually +KENNETH UDUT who helped me a bit on what Sam’s stakes should be.

To those who saw +Mac Vogt‘s name in a few recent posts of mine, I apologise for the slip-up.

It was actually +KENNETH UDUT who helped me a bit on what Sam’s stakes should be. Kept mentioning Vogt all this time, as he’s a poet by aspiration.

—my reply—

#yay   – I always strive to make some kind of difference and I’m grateful that I’d done so here.  Thank you for taking the time to call me out and I shall now look at your stream (as I tend to check streams only when mentioned or when it happens to show up in front of me) – and +Mac Vogt without even knowing you, you already have my respect for it will be your name that I shall be reading in a moment and substituting my own for – as I do enjoy collecting compliments when they come and savoring them, a habit I acquired to combat whatever inadequacies I battle :P

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