It was about 4 hours of tests total.

I got my results back today from vocational rehabilitation. I went through a battery of tests about a month ago or so. It was limited cognitive testing; it wasn’t for diagnosing any conditions but rather looking for possible educational weaknesses.
It was about 4 hours of tests total.
I did alright on most of the things. It picked up on anxiety. My favorite part of the results was a weird split in processing speed; normally something called “Coding” and “Symbol matching” subtests should match up – both low or both high. But in my case, symbol matching was very high but my coding was at the BOTTOM of peers.
tied into short term memory, fine motor skill problems – and something else, I forget. That was the most dramatic.
I also bombed part of the color word test – atypical, below something and the thing where you need to memorize digits in a certain order.
Oh, something with block patterns I bombed, and something with X’s on a screen I did absolutely horrendous on.
Yet everything else, most of the tests, I did average, high average or whatever is the one above high average.
I love the ones I did poorly on; they give very strong clues at “something” and it all seems to tie in nicely to gen anxiety + adhd.
A lot of it could overlap with asd as well- all part of the same cluster of issues that people born premature can tend towards.
Very exciting. I don’t know what to make of it all yet but I’m happy to at least have things this far.
It’s so nice to have 13 pages documenting ‘me’ in a very specific way that I’ve never had before or if I did, I never had access to (because I was a kid and they didn’t share this stuff).
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