It takes practice though – developing the shield of protection.

Well, consider this.
a) you reached out.

across the vast emptiness of the Internet, you put a few words out there, hoping to engage with another human being.

b) your message was received. “seen by 9″ it says.

c) you already got a few responses.

So, you’re not invisible.

For myself, that “safety net” feeling is one I’ve had to develop for myself. Usually it’s routines. A lot of it is doing exactly what you’re doing: reaching out to people across the Internet and hoping to get a Like, a response – a “seen by” – _anything_.

I’m kinda of hooked on it. I think it helps keep me feeling a part of something.

Yet then there’s people that I’ve had to remove their permission to emotionally manipulate me. My emotions are mine and the people that try to play with them – making me feel guilty or sorry for myself or stupid… they lose their right to do that to me.

I still deal with them. But it’s mechanical. They can get mad, but their words are from their angry spot and it becomes their personal problem.

It takes practice though – developing the shield of protection.
Yeah, I usually get obsessed over some project and let it take over as much time as I can. Then the abuse is like this thing to endure just as long as I have to until I can get back to whatever my project is.

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