It passed n3rd stag3 LONG ago. Toddlers in 3rd world countries get it. Might have been luxury long ago but can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

It passed n3rd stag3 LONG ago. Toddlers in 3rd world countries get it.

Might have been luxury long ago but can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

Scenario: media conglomerate owns ISPs. They want to promote their content. Nothing will stop them. Imagine CNN or RT’s parents owning ISPs? What would we see then? What wouldn’t we see?

It’s always been international, since the consolidation of the various separate nets in the late 80s and then early 90s.

“Death of the internet” in 1993 was true and this is the kind of problem we feared then. It was bad enough when corps got control of the backbone but at least they had a gentleman’s agreement not to abuse.

But that’s over.

“yes, I’ll have the CBS ALL ACCESS ISP as it’s $2/month cheaper than TIME/WARNER MOVIES ONLY ISP”.

“May the Almighty Invisible Hand of the Marketplace Guide Us In All Its Wisdom. OPEC”

We need it to remain the standard. Without it, we’ll rise and fall due to our export ability like everybody else. Maybe a Ruble or Yen standard will be more stable, who knows, but we’d have to crack open a lot of Yosemite to compete.

Never does. Ppl just scramble for relevance, promotion and personal profit. World doesn’t change much.

It’s not the cost that’s a concern – it already costs. Rather it’s the restrictions on traffic. Of course they keep logs on where we go and what we do, but removal of net neutrality makes it MUCH easier for private and government to monitor specific usage as it’ll be in channels or “packages” like TV is now.

It was inevitable that it would turn into just another big media toy but I was hoping it wouldn’t be so soon.

The reason you can do that on the internet is BECAUSE it’s already net neutral and HAS been from the start.

But Google is playing on a level (more or less) access infrastructure.

Now change the infrastructure so local Google ISP coming soon can do it.

They’ve tried – esp cell phone ISPs. That’s what brought the ruling in the first place: they started abusing the power they had.

Look into Facebook’s restricted internet ISP experiment in India a few years ago. It’ll give you a notion of what’s possible under removal of net neutrality.



Google turned evil a while back. But there’s other options on the current internet. Google doesn’t rule the internet.

I got hit by it too and it hurt me in the $$$ dept. But that was 2013 and I gave up on them as a good-guy even before.

This is 2017 and a much deeper issue.

I admire that you’re willing to take a contrarian view for devil’s advocate as it’s a break from “I agree” and compels us all to defend why it matters. Just in this thread alone there’s enough information to launch a good attack on the FCC’s proposed ruling.

No. There WAS competition in the 90s but as big companies gobbled up the smaller ones, now we’re left with a few. Plus cable lines are not required to lease lines to competition.

Free market at work caused that.

Monopolies are good, free market competition is bad. Got it.

Facebook has grown beyond a Myspace scenario. What was true in 2008 and 1998 and 1988 isn’t anymore. How do you measure power of an entity?

To treat Facebook as Jeremy’s BBS 1994 is miguided thinking.

Yellow pages companies are dying. Google business services lost their power once FB started doing it and better.

Imagine an always-on telephone hooking up every local business? Newspapers are shutting down. Flyers are banned in many neighborhoods and WOM has its limits.

Also Jeremy, using your limited world anecdotal examples and generalizing to the whole USA and every conceivably business model is, to say the least, short sighted.


It will be easier for the NSA to get the info if net neutrality dies, not harder.

Most Office Suites are now “for rent” online. You don’t buy software anymore.

Win10 requires an “always on the internet” connection just to login, unless you’re an Admin.

Love them. I was backing up so many of my Vines to the archive two yrs ago that they gave me my own corner of the Internet Archive. Makes me feel special.


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