It moves imperfect air and enters into irregularly shaped ears into ear canals with varying levels of wax

I have a whole religion I drew up years ago based on those three. A plausible Scientific religion for the 21st century, completely updated with the latest whatevers that come up. We’d praise the basic forces, the glory of mathematics, and there’d be a science experiment every week. I think it’d do quite well. Just too lazy. :P

Thanks Scotty :)  I mean I love the sciences as much as the next nerd (and I am uber nerd and proud) but I know its limitations and they’re fierce.

Yeah, I think ultimately music and poetic rhythm rule. I’m 1/2 deaf (birth) but have perfect pitch. Can’t dance but I hear the spaces between notes and people’s words.. and everything around makes music. Sometimes it’s annoying – the sound of a fan running will start some song I’ll never be able to get out on the piano or any instruments in my head, and I don’t have the patience to write it all out… the process is SO SLOW… so i just enjoy the ride.

I love the gaps. Even when two instruments are out of phase slightly with each other, there’s those tiny little ‘beats’ … and it’s like a new song is emerging from the apparent dissonance… a temporary song that will soon disappear as the instruments are brought into tune with each other.

Sometimes I find people talking annoying because I like listening to the surrounding ambiance. Just now the air conditioner kicked in… the motor makes music as it turns on coming to life. I’m tired and babbling but I’m smiling; it’s a subject I don’t talk about much but I enjoyed the chance to just now. Thanks smile emoticon

Well – food for thought – it expands even further; even today’s quantized music: Every note perfected, timing, synchronized, tuned.

It plays on imperfect speakers, headphones, earbuds. It moves imperfect air and enters into irregularly shaped ears into ear canals with varying levels of wax and a different set of hairs in the cochlea. It brings forth memories unique to each individual, yet when “in the groove” of the song, brain wave patterns are similar among different people; they’ve tested this with classical music with people who regularly listen to it in MRI machines….

…and there’s this marvelous interplay of perfection and imperfection… connection and dissonance between all the parts of the system as a whole.

lol I’m in one of those “Life is awesome” moods now – about to head in – and thank you for helping bring me to that place. like emoticon

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