It Is vs Me vs They: Cross referenced w/different AIs vs+w/intuition: FACTS or IT IS. PERSONAL or ME. SOCIETY or THEY.

It Is vs Me vs They: Cross referenced w/different AIs vs+w/intuition:
I’m happy because that seems to be my main categories from which the rest are drawn.
3 category groups via Latent Dirichlet Allocation, xref w/Dewey Decimal AI
6.3 million words pared down to 3 categories, 290 words. They went through hell to end up here but I didn’t manually move a single keyword individually.
For verification, the following are the keywords I finally ended with. Drawn from a textfile I made from which is where most of my writing is saved (it’s missing some but it’s enough)
AIs were unsupervised. (set parameters and hope)
things system point science part brain human thinking sense systems work process form level mind information history similar reality universe based important ideas common view god body experience number control order reason fact humans nature future physics short perspective works philosophy model simple general memory exist present parts easily patterns based basic body brain common concept control data easily exist experience fact form future general god history human humans ideas important information knowledge language level logic math mathematics means memory model nature number order parts patterns perspective philosophy physics point present process reality reason religion science sense set short similar simple social state system systems theory thinking universe view works
ve stuff back years lot find didn thing made ll day internet music times remember making year love show put wasn fun wanted head play interesting kid knew learned youtube days ago yeah watch tv ppl yrs post couldn udut playing eyes heard college ago back bit called college couldn day days didn early eyes find found friend friends full fun game great head heard interesting internet kid knew learned lot made making middle minecraft music online open past play playing post ppl pretty put remember show sound started stuff thought times today tv type udut ve video wanted wasn watch yeah year years youtube yrs
people don good kids world bad big usa white man care give place power political public fine rights business politics children live family american black men women expect isn stupid local difference normal house war florida culture american bad big black business care children culture difference don expect family fine florida give good house isn kids live local man men normal people place political politics power public rights stupid usa war white women world

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