It is perfect because the imperfect said so.

Imperfect: “I have created Perfection”
Perfect: “I am Perfection”
It is perfect because the imperfect said so.

In short, it strikes me rather that the product of an imperfect mind may create a variation of self that it considers perfect, but there is no way to know what it has created is perfect. The perfect may believe it is perfect but really, is it not but a variation and not perfection?

The dream is realized. If I was the imperfect creator, I would have to consider myself inferior and relinquish ownership of being the Real me to the Perfected me. But it would be entirely a subjective perfection.

But my bias is showing. I am not an idealist, but I am a perfectionist.

For me, I see it as this:

I don’t have the lines drawn out on paper that I need to fill in (speaking of perfection of self).

From a child through to today, I don’t color within the lines.

But I can draw without lines, studying it as I create, and when I am done, I say, “This is perfect!”

In short, I don’t know it until I see it.

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