It is my choice to try to be aware of such things.

I’m only slightly more aware now but in this very conversation I had to resist the urge to reply first over Lauren Smith – whom Massimo Pigliucci is addressing, and even once answered, I had an urge to re-explain what Lauren Smith was saying as if acting as a translator. Instead I chose to bring up something different but related.

White man translating opinion of “other” for white man.

It is my choice to try to be aware of such things.

Practice what I preach. Egalitarian? I must prove it by being it.

It’s at this point that I usually get called a Libtard in different circles or “white knighting”.

The reinforcing power of a particular set of opinions is very strong, particularly when they are accustomed to being in full power.

Sharing power is optional to be removed upon infraction.

Such as whiteness. It’s almost invisible to me like a fish can’t see water but upon seeing it, it’s there.

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