It gives them the uniquely British license to be loonies in their old age. [re: Dawkins]

He deserves the position, just as Hawking deserved his high position in physics (I forgot what it was called).

But they’re honorary roles signifying past achievements.

It gives them the uniquely British license to be loonies in their old age.

We don’t really have an equivalent in the USA to that.

We expect our heads to be on the ball, top notch in their fields. In Britain, it’s like, “Oh yeah him, well, yeah.”


WAIT – we have Tenure. Ok, yeah we have the same thing here.


I just can’t take him seriously. I liked him, the little I saw in the 80s + early 90s.

But when he went on the warpath against religion, he just started sounding loonier and loonier.

I can’t take him seriously though  I’ve been a fan of British culture since I was a kid and I know all about their caustic, biting vitrol and humor – it’s part of their culture. Just about raised on Monty Python and I was a New Jersey kid, and NJ (home of George Carlin), ALSO has a similar sense of humor to the Brits.

But Dawkins is… I dunno…. I’m glad he’s an inspiration to some people but I can’t take him seriously.


Modern evolution is more on-the-ball.
But Dawkins is a neo-Darwinist.


Thing is, for a functioning society, evolution vs intelligent design doesn’t matter.

I think it’s ridiculous but whatever. There’s not too many careers that it makes a difference in.



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