It depends where you go in Immokalee.

It depends where you go in Immokalee. It’s an older Florida town. Many of the people living there are farmworkers, day labor and a number are on welfare.
Does this make it a bad town? No, I don’t think so. But it does have its ‘sections’- two blocks where mostly african americans live, two blocks where haitians live, two blocks where caucasian whites live, etc etc.
it’s very spanish-oriented as a lot of migrant workers live there.
Lake Trafford, which is part of Immokalee, is a little more caucasian white, I’d say low-to-middle class. Some fancy developments are being built around there.
It’s what they used to call a “depressed town”. The main street has a number of boarded up stores, for example – a few places from where I came from up North looked like that (economically hurting neighborhoods) and it didn’t make them “bad towns”, but there are always streets you don’t go down, places you don’t go at night.[for example, in Immokalee, there’s a 24 hour gas station that ALWAYS seems to have somebody murdered at, at least once every two years. Probably because it’s 24 hours and the “night life” in Immokalee, i suspect, is rougher than just a bunch of teenagers hanging out, getting drunk. or maybe that’s all it is – and they just get a bit more rowdy (with the guns and such).
Personally, I’d visit during the day – go to the casino, go with my sister-in-law to the medical clinic, go to the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning. No problem. But I wouldn’t walk the streets at night.
Ave Maria is a new town that JUST opened up inbetween immokalee and naples. It opened up just a few days ago, actually. I live in Golden Gate Estates – a woodsy large-lot part of Naples which is the closest to Ave Maria and by proxy, to Immokalee.
[I’ve got some swampland in Florida to sell ya — remember that old cliche? That came from the land scam in the 60’s where the same property was sold over and over again to different people. THAT’S Golden Gate Estates, where I live. It’s not swamp now, but parts are considered “wetlands” (ie – mosquito breeding havens). But it’s basically a gigantic suburb (largest one in the world in square miles, they say).
The rest of Naples, well, you’ll just have to look at the real estate market to see what’s affordable or not. If you’re looking to come down here, there’s also Cape Coral – a new popular building spot (but it has its share of crime too, as does any new developing area). That’s in Lee County but it’s close to Collier County (where Naples, Immokalee, Ave Maria, etc is)
Hope this helps!
Ken udut – Collier County news/information website.
Hope this helps!

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