It allow me to provide conceptual bridges between people at different levels of comprehension ability,

Well, I nearly pursued computational theory of mind and the “mathematical universe but I had to put it aside for a more integrated set of notions.

Similar to the mathematical multiple universes (which I reject as an objective reality), I *do* embrace a form of “reality of fictional realities” cognitively. I see a healthier psychological integration as including seeing time not as an arrow with a simple cause effect or a block universe slice model but rather someone incorporating all of their fictional selves as part-of-self. The roads-not-taken as valid as the roads taken – not in a literal sense of “the me that got the funding to continue college studies walking on a similar planet somewhere” but rather an integration of the fictional within as a reality that very concretely influences our current choices in _this_ timeline that we’re pursuing.

It’s not-ready-for-prime-time as an idea, just something I’ve been toying with.

Cellular automata is quite simple from a conceptual POV. I analogize to sewing machines with pattens. I remember doing the “Game of Life” in BASIC on my little Tandy Color Computer 2 in the 80s from a computer magazine and doing the same thing as a programming exercise in college, so the concept is simple enough both to comprehend and to program.

My interests are more in the conceptual rather than the precision, along these lines, I place my interests in the “High Accuracy, Low Precision” quadrant.

I had a *little* jump start in self-organizing systems, chaos and complexity theories back in 1990/91, mostly through late night talks over a couple of beers with a professor who was obsessed by them.. and by fractal… and the number 17.

It’s likely that Jera Wolfe will surpass me on precision in his studies: again, precision is not my goal but accuracy with low precision.

It allow me to provide conceptual bridges between people at different levels of comprehension ability, to provide analogies that are not perfect (none are) but are workable to a large population, as I am in contact with people of all ages and education levels online and in real life, so my comprehension is to act as an asistant.

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