existential lollipop conundrum

lol – oh, i love waxing poetic. but it’s true – I’ve been on a quest for “My People” (I like the idea of Tribe) for, well, decades now – and I have found many that I consider a loose part of My People but just a handful who truly have “it”. And you have the “it”. I include everybody as my people but “My People” – the Tribe – those within it recognize it – no one has to be a card carrying member… because there’s no need for cards. Or matching tattoos. A special symbol would be cool, but I accept the symbols I’m given. (One of the more interesting ones given to me is the Lollipop Owl, from the Tootsie Roll commercial. Hey, I’ll take it. He even has the “smart” cap on, but he’ll gladly help a kid figure out his existential lollipop conundrum) “

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