Is there absolute Truth? Pe

Is there absolute Truth? Perhaps. I’m not certain. But one thing I do believe: One thing that believers in the truth of God or the Truth of Science or the Truth of Law or of anything is this:

What do all of these Truths have in common?

They’re all Truths held by Humans. Whether held by one human, or many humans, or held as true by characters in a books written by humans, humans are involved in its making and it is humans that it is for.

This doesn’t mean that Science is wrong because it is observed by humans, agreed upon by some humans, and held up as truth by some humans. Or that God is wrong because it is penned by humans, and held up as truth by some humans.

Rather, I would argue, it is all True. For humans. In some way.

In all my research about Truth, the one thing that nobody seemed to dare suggest is the idea that Everybody is right about everything. For whatever reason, for us to be Right, SOMEBODY has to be Wrong.

But why? Does another’s wrongness make us more correct?

What would change if it turns out that everybody is right about everything? What if nobody was wrong about anything?

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