Is knowledge dangerous?

Is knowledge dangerous?
In the BBS era, I loved reading Phrack, anarchists cookbook, and other 3LY73 (elyte, eL1T3 – whatever looks ‘kewl’ at the time) and learned all sorts of things.

I knew how to make a nuclear bomb in my backyard, how to make nearly any illicit manufactured drugs in my bathtub or a still (which I also knew how to make), how to murder, rob, scam, how to be rich by pretending until it happens… etc.

Stuff like this:

but on actually BBS’s were a lot of fun to read. I also read some on the early Internet via Usenet.

Did I do these things? Did I take that knowledge and use it for nefarious purposes?

I’m basically a “Boy Scout”. I was a boy scout when I was a boy scout, and I carried that sense of civic responsibility through my life so far. But I can do it. I can hack into computer systems, using methods that have NOTHING to do with RSA encryption methods, sending secret messages 10000 different ways.

It’s the stuff kids do. None of it is difficult. But actually DOING these things? That’s where the difference lies. [not that I never did bad things, but generally, I really preferred to KNOW HOW, than to DO].

The pressure sensor!  That’s why pressure plates looked so familiar in minecraft.

Wait wait wait wait wait…. how hard do you think it would be to create a multi-input keyboard with USB connection utilizing foil, spring and wire?

I could make my own musical instruments like this, with the addition of a MIDI input software and knowing the appropriate signal to send…… oh crap, that’s where chips come into play, dang it.  I hate soldering. ugh.

It’d be easier just to get an old computer keyboard and create a shim that interprets the secondary keyboard inputs into MIDI.  Ugh.  oh well. I had mad scientist notions for a second :P

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