Is it a collective unconsciousness? Of a sort, yes.

I believe in a form of collective unconscious but I relate it more to “things in common” simply by being human. Our societies are all similar. Our needs are all similar. Our hopes and dreams are all similar. But we use different types of symbolism to express difficult concepts with depending upon our cultures, which is why different cultures use different types of symbolism. Egypt has its set of symbolisms. Christian cultures (the West is a Christian culture steeped in Christian symbolism) have theirs, Chinese culture has theirs, Japanese culture has theirs.

They can all be tied together of course; the specifics differ but the underlying concepts are more-or-less similar.

Is it a collective unconsciousness? Of a sort, yes. 

We can even level up to Gaia; from a long-away perspective, we could be considered “one life form” on this planet. Like a slime mold oozing over the planet over billions of years, dependent upon the systems of this planet for birth, life, death, reconstruction, rebirth and continuation into myriad metaphorphized forms.

In that sense, all life is one and connected, and it’s not unreasonable that being similarly patterned as humans that we would have similar unconsciousnesses.

Is there a deeper connection? Quite possibly. 

I’m a fan of embodied cognition and with that, the brain, the body and the environment and our social relationships are all “one thing”, like a machinery with invisible wires that we just can’t see or measure at present using scientific tools, but we’re certainly aware of in day-to-day life via communication, feelings, words, etc.

Even here; are you an I physically connected in some way?

Absolutely. My brain and yours are linked across the gaps of Time as we negotiate meaning as we communicate.

So it’s not unreasonable to me to consider a collective unconsciousness as being a tangible reality.

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