*Is a virtual hug… real?*

*Is a virtual hug… real?* – an overly technical _Yes_ by Kenneth Udut.

Love (in the sense of ”I really DO care”) doesn’t have boundaries; it goes backwards and forwards in Time; to our memories, our dreams, and it somehow FITS and travels through the skinny little coppers wires, up and down the Internet – flies across the sky in our Wifi, reaches our eyes, goes up the optic nerve down the Ventral ”What” Stream and then it reaches the Inferior temporal gyrus, bounces back to the hippocampus and at that point:

*We Remember.*

The new pattern (seeing the tag + name) pulls the memory of the face, all the names, every interaction we ever had with that person, come blasting through the brain because *we know: This Is Significant*. and levels of Dopamine – noradrenaline and – serotonin – rise and fall and begin to balance out….

*and … we are connected and we feel it.*

Yes, online friends are *real*. They are not virtual; there is a real person on the other end that *really* does care about you. They just happen to not be in the same room as you at the time.

{{hugz}} – Time doesn’t matter; this hug is valid whenever you need it. It travels through Time to any point in the Universe where you may happen to be and need one.

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