invention of god? a conversation

invention of god?  a conversation

| There’s a lot of shit we don’t know about.
> ikr
| I mean stuff happens right?
> yeah
| and like you know the seasons?
> yeah, like they’re the same but different everytime
| ikr
> I mean if they were always the same it’d be like Ogg’s wheel
| yeah but like they’re the same but different
> yeah, different but the same
| woah
> woah
| so um … we’re not controlling this shit are we?
> nah, no way.
| yeah so..
> so…
| I dunno
> yeah me neither
| …
> …
| still.. it’s pretty smart how it repeats like that
> yeah, smarter than us
| yeah, like real smart
> super smart
| I mean we can predict a lot of stuff
> yeah but.. not everything
| yeah, not everything
> stuff just happens sometimes
| yeah I know but then time is a circle isn’t it?
> yeah but not perfect ’cause you know how that star fell down when you killed Ogg’s son by mistake?
| yeah I blamed it on the lion lol
> yeah well, it burned up 1/2 the savannah where you hunt
| yeah that sucked but I kinda deserved it didn’t I?
> yeah you did.
| yeah
> yeah
| but who sent down the star?
> well it just fell
| it just fell?
> yeah you know
| so it’s not my fault my savannah part got burnt?
> well, no it kinda is your fault
| well obviously. Cause and effect man.
> yeah, cause and effect.
| hm but who knew?
> I dunno
| sky watcher?
> sky watcher?
| yeah but like they can see what you’re thinking too
> what?
| yeah ’cause like I was thinking how much of a shit Ogg’s son is
> and he died
| yeah
> yeah cause and effect
| …
> …
| but we can’t do that
> no we can’t do that
| somebody can though
> yeah, somebody…
| Science right?
> yeah Science. He did it.
| or She, lol

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