Invariably, they’d be “from Anonymous”. “We are Legion” and all the fun Anonymous quotes.

I used to run a Minecraft server for my nephew, from 2012-2014. Nearly killed my laptop. People of all ages would come on, but mostly kids from like 9-25.

As it became popular (I just called it “Ken’s Server” – 27,000 unique members in total if I remember right), I’d get the occasional threat of attacks.

They’d come on, threaten to DDoS. They’d claim to be from Anonymous. Used just about the same script. “Hi, I’m from Planet Minecraft”, trying to convince someone to give them control of the server. My tactic was to play along for a little bit and then I’d predict their next words, which were always the same eventually.

Invariably, they’d be “from Anonymous”. “We are Legion” and all the fun Anonymous quotes.

Sometimes they’d even try. I’d tell them, “I have no firewalls.” (true). “DDoS me. I’ll wait.”

And they’d run some run-of-the-mill script that they thought was exclusively theirs, and fail to knock me offline or cause any trouble what-so-ever.

If they came back (they usually did), if I could get them to settle down a little, I’d convince them to stay and eventually I’d make them admin or something.

They just wanted attention that’s all.

Of course these were kids. Teenagers, college students, probably some young kids my nephew’s age as well.

So, anytime I would see something about Anonymous in the news or on youtube, or that funny plastic mask somewhere, I’d have to laugh.

That’s not to say that they haven’t done some stuff for social justice and all of that. I’m sure they have.

But I could never take it seriously because of the “me-toos” I encountered in my tiny pocket of the internet Universe.

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