Internet subcultures and their effects on Generation Z and their responses” – or something like that

So it sounds like Ethnography is what fascinates me in general. I like watching subcultures emerge. For example, when the “bronies” came up as a ‘thing’ online a few years ago in a big way (I’m thinking around 2010/2011) it caught my notice, I befriended some, and even wrote up a nice defense for them, because they made sense. It wasn’t long before boys in the 4th grade were identifying as bronies and I noticed how the presence of young kids in the movement started to sanitize the movement, the sexual elements gave way to horror elements which are more appropriate for that age range.

I started noticing the growth of furries around the age ranges a couple of years later. Same ideas as I noticed with the bronies: What started off as an adult phenomenon moved down through the years, with teenage girls wearing cat ears and fur tails, but again, down to the elementary school ages as well, with girls and boys as young as 8 identifying as furries, talking about being lupine and such.

So, I’m guessing this is ethnography?

I suppose if I was writing a paper or book, which I have no interest in doing on the subject, it would be “Internet subcultures and their effects on Generation Z and their responses” – or something like that.

My nephew’s 10.5 and it was around when he was 6 that I started getting him prepared for internet culture by trying to stay a few steps ahead of him, getting a “lay of the land”, and found looking at these trends as they emerge in social networks naturally quite fascinating, although I always had an interest in Internet culture and subcultures.

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