Internet isn’t, wasn’t, can’t ever be secure. Nature of the beast.

True dat. The whole internet is based upon “Store and forward”. Of course it’s not technically forwarding. It’s copying.

Internet isn’t, wasn’t, can’t ever be secure. Nature of the beast.

Yup. And – did you ever take a look at all the fancy encryption schemes out there? All big promises of high prime number security transfer?

Wanna know how to beat it?

Look under the right person’s keyboard and find where they wrote the password they had to change for the 12th time that month.

Oh deterrents are a good thing, Erek. My beef is with the marketing of security and privacy over a medium that’s inherently insecure at its root.

There’s always going to be holes. It’s a leaky bucket with an open bottom. Marketing makes it worse. Think of all the poor users of Snapchat, who are sold the idea that their stuff gets deleted.

They believe it. It’s not true. I find that kind of marketing distasteful but what can I do, except educate ppl here and there.

That’s true. It’s not useless. Hackers are the best thing for security though. You can’t plug holes you don’t know are there, and they will always find them.

My favorite method of security? Use ancient protocols everybody’s forgotten about.


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