Interesting read and sad to see. While we have marvelous databases that have collected _existing knowledge_ of biodiversity and an amazing amount of money put into genetics research… apparently we haven’t been looking into the future to search for new species. Rather, we seem contented with what we have now, as if “it’s all been discovered” and we just have to pool it together. Well, what then? Is all of life just variation on a theme? How can we have new discoveries in plants and animal and bacterial life if they’re not being funded to be studied? We’ll just keep working with what we have… but if something new comes along, will we know how to classify it? The sciences are varied: there’s not just “Science”. We often hear that Science is just one thing; quantum physics to electronics to chemistry to life to brains to computers to study quantum physics with. But it’s not that simple. We’re far from discovering all there is to be discovered. It’s sad watching one of the sciences slowly disappear.

Op-Ed: The Mass Extinction of Scientists Who Study Species via

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