intangible abstraction – not as strange as it first seems.

you’re being too logical about it.. and about abstraction no less. No fun tongue emoticon 

Play a game of opposites and you can see how it can work:

What would be a tangible abstraction?

Art. You can touch it yet it’s an abstraction.

What would be an intangible specification (which is one of the opposites of an abstraction)?

Or something intangibly concrete (another opposite of abstraction)? A good example of intangibly concrete for many would be logic for example. Can’t touch it, but it’s considered concrete – as in “fact”.

It’s not as ridiculous as it at first seems.

 Its not that it CAN’T be seen as a pleonasm if you like.  – It can and that viewpoint would not be invalid. But it wouldn’t be complete to me, as it’s stopping short of other options.

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